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I usually plan a series of books ahead of time–very vaguely, I might add. I decide what the binding idea will be–more often than not it is a family, though the Survivors’ Series concerned a group of men and one woman who had survived their involvement in the Napoleonic Wars and had become bonded by the years they spent together convalescing from their wounds. Until the Westcott family came along, each series ended up with the number of books I had planned from the start. Well, now that I have written that, I recall that there was one exception. The Horsemen Trilogy (INDISCREET, UNFORGIVEN, IRRESISTIBLE), which was to have been a quartet, was cut short for reasons I will not try to explain here, and the final two stories got melded into one. But the Westcott series just does not seem to want to end. It wants to keep going and going…

I planned eight books–though planned is a bit of a misleading word. I can’t plan a book ahead of time. I never really know my characters until they get going, speaking, thinking, doing, interacting, and holding a great deal of stuff inside them that I do not suspect when I start and have to pry out of them as I go along. But characters drive the plot. So, to try to claim that I can plan eight books ahead of time is to give me far more credit than is due me. Let it be said, then, that I got a vague image of the Westcott family and the opening situation that would get things going and be the basis for the whole series–the new young head of the family, Harry Westcott, Earl of Riverdale, is suddenly disinherited when it is discovered that his recently deceased father married his mother bigamously twenty-three years earlier while his secret first wife was still alive. I identified eight members of the family who would have their stories told, beginning with Anna, secret daughter of that first wife of the deceased earl, and his only legitimate child (SOMEONE TO LOVE).

All was going to plan until I was writing the sixth book, SOMEONE TO HONOR, Abigail’s story. She met and married Lieutenant-Colonel Gil Bennington, Harry’s friend and comrade. Gil started life as the bastard son of an impoverished village washerwoman, who would not allow him to have anything to do with his father, Charles, Viscount Dirkson–who turned out to have been a long-ago love interest of Lady Matilda Westcott, the eldest sister of the deceased earl, who had never married. Well, goodness–I could not possibly leave Matilda and Charles’s story untold, could I? Admittedly I told it in a novella, which I intended for private publication as an ebook until my editor expressed interest in it and then read it and decided to publish it in all formats (albeit a short entry!) as SOMEONE TO REMEMBER, part of the Westcott saga. Suddenly it became a nine-part series, though there is some confusion about whether Jessica’s story, SOMEONE TO ROMANCE, to be published at the end of August, 2020, is Book 7 or Book 8. It is actually Book 8. Book 9, SOMEONE TO CHERISH, Harry’s story, is written and scheduled for the latter half of 2021.

So that will be the end of the series? Er, not necessarily…

There are two characters who have been capturing my imagination more and more since their first appearance in Book 5, SOMEONE TO CARE, Viola’s story. They are not Westcotts. But their father, Marcel, Marquess of Dorchester, married Viola, former Countess of Riverdale, Harry’s mother, so they have been involved with Westcott characters and events for some time. They are twins, Lady Estelle Lamarr, and Bertrand Lamarr, Viscount Watley. They are in their mid-twenties, gorgeously good-looking and charming, very eligible–and deliberately living alone together, still working through the effects of a difficult childhood and youth. They are, of course, crying out for their own stories. Estelle’s is beginning to take (very vague) shape in my head.

And then there is Winifred Cunningham, daughter of Camille (nee Westcott) and Joel Cunningham (their story is told in Book 2, SOMEONE TO HOLD). In the first two books Winifred was a child in the orphanage in Bath where Anna and Joel grew up and Camille taught for a while. Winifred was not an attractive child in either looks or behavior. She was a bossy goody-good who liked to point out the faults of others. But Camille saw something of her former self in the child and could look beyond the unattractive externals. When she and Joel married, they adopted Winifred, before going on to adopt five other children and have three of their own. Winifred has been seen growing up through the series until in Harry’s book she is seventeen and an interesting person. I really, really want to give her a story of her own, though I will have to allow her to grow up a bit more.

There is also Louise (nee Westcott), Dowager Duchess of Netherby, Jessica’s mother, who has been widowed for many years. And there is Adrian Sawyer, who had to adjust to the discovery that his father, Viscount Dirkson, had another, older son, Gil Bennington. Adrian, a cheerful, laid-back sort of young man, made an effort to get to know his half-brother and to mingle with the Westcott family, into which both his father and Gil had married. But… Well, I have all sorts of questions about him…

Oh, and let’s not forget Edwin Goddard, the oh-so-efficient and long-suffering secretary of Avery, Duke of Netherby…

No. I don’t think the Westcott Saga is finished yet or will be done even after Jessica’s and Harry’s stories are published.

Please leave a comment below. Tell me, perhaps, which is your favorite Westcott story so far and why. To two of you (randomly chosen) I will send an autographed copy of a Westcott book of your choice. I’ll pick two names on Saturday, June 6.

[The winners of the contest are LINDSEY CARNEY and NOREEN RE. Congratulations to them! As soon as they have let me know which book they would like and have sent me their postal addresses, I will send their books on the way. Thank you to everyone else for your interesting comments and for reading the blog.]



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  • Angela Hinton

    I love your writings. They are beautiful. I would love to read the next installment of the Westcotts. I feel as if they are family just set in a different time.
    Oh, I have probably everything you have released. Including hard to finds. Thrift stores are great for old books 😎. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Without you the world would be tougher to survive.

    • Belle brown

      I think my favourite book has got to be someone to remember. It made me really love matilda and see what a kind and loving person she is. And that she was willing to break her own rules for someone she loves. I can not wait to read the rest of the books. I have my fingers crossed that Harry will earn a title for his bravery because that, to me, would be karma at its best. But I’m most looking forward to reading winnifred cunninghams story. I’d love her to marry boris molenor. With their past interactions I think it would be a match made in heaven. I really don’t want the wastcott family stories to end. Each one is like meeting an old friend again.

    • Becky Tatar

      Love your stories, partly because all the people are genuinely good people, even though they like to project a distant or silly facade, (talking about you, Wulfric)

    • Ann Goebel

      I am sorry I can’t just pick one. Renee Goebel

      • Michelle price

        I absolutely love every book of the Westcott Series. Love so much I’ve just finished listening to all 8 books for a second time. Now I’m listening to book 9, about Lady Estelle. My favorite character is Avery Duke of Netherby. His facial expressions never leave my memory. When Anna asked Camille to go for a walk and Avery raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips, I can think of that and do the look myself and laugh. There really is no favorite they’re all great. Hopefully there will be a few more in the series.

    • Angie Pinilla

      I adored the Westcott series and have been reading Estelle (Someone Perfect) story which is truly enchanting! Although, I know for Regency times it’s difficult to pair an orphan and a viscount together- I wholeheartedly believe Winnifred and Bertrand should be paired together. She has grown up in awe of him and he needs someone with a sense of emotion deeper than he can find in other misses. PLEASE OH PLEASE- Mary pair Winnifred and Bertrand together!

  • Sharon Brock

    My favorite in the Westcott saga is Camille and Joel’s story in Someone To Hold. I didn’t particularly like Camille at first but she matured throughout the book. The Cunninghams are now my favorite characters. Great job with this series.

    • Kathy Ackerman

      And this is a bad thing, how? 😊

      • Barbara Bland

        I absolutely love your books! All of your stories take me to another life….. and another place. You are one of my favorite authors and one of a few I purchase books by. I l love your Westcott series. I think Anna’s story is my favorite as it is the beginning! Seriously; I love all of them.

    • Penny Martin-Fish

      I think Someone to Love was my favorite. It was a love story that was unimaginable at the beginning of the book. Happy to hear there may be more stories in this series. Thank you for your wonderful books!

      • Cara Fraser

        I’ve read and loved your books since the 80’s. Rereading some of the Survivors Club, The Horsemen and meeting the Westcotts during the Pandemic has given me hours and weeks of entertainment and romance. Escapism at its best. I’m not sure which Westcott novel is my favourite. The first was incredible with Anna and her Duke, Joel as wonderful rich characters. I enjoyed your happy indulgence with the Duke’s dressing and affectations. He is one of my favourite characters.
        I believe that Matilda, too, needs her own story. I look forward to her and Jessica’s and Harry’s stories. No doubt there are a few more characters who will start whispering their requests of romantic partners to you.

      • Elisa

        Even though I missed the giveaway, I wanted to answer which story is my favorite. The one that most resonated with me was Alex and Wren’s story in Someone to Wed. My childhood was not easy and reading Wren’s struggles and Alex’s caring had me crying more than once. The terror she felt, I’ve felt, although you’d never know it to look at me. I hope to find my own Alex some day. The one I was happiest to see published is Elizabeth and Colin’s story in Someone to trust. To see them both get a happy ending was wonderful. And Someone to Remember might be my favorite, even though it wasn’t a full-blown novel, because Mathilda deserved her happy ending! I loved getting to see the perceptive woman hiding behind smothering and to hear that her mother felt more than annoyance towards her.

        Please continue to write the stories of the characters in this series, whether they’re a Westcott by blood or by proxy. Westcott clan loyalty is a pleasure to experience. I can’t wait to read more about the Radley clan and Adrian Sawyer. Avery’s long-suffering secretary falling in love; I can see it throwing him off his game and several mishaps to ensue. Beyond Winifred and Boris, there’s Boris’s 2 other brothers, Robbie Cunningham and other extended family that we’ll meet along the way.

        Thank you for creating a wonderful family to be a part of, even if it’s just on the pages of a book.

    • Patty Gattoni

      Always enjoy reading your books. I love historical romance.

  • Penny MacPherson

    I love all the Westcott books and could never pick a favourite! I am so impatient waiting for the next one to come out that I usually reread the previous ones just to be up to speed again!

  • Barbara Gosden

    At first I thought my favourite story is always the one I last read. But after a bit of thought, the first story is my favourite because of the revelations of the character of Avery who I adore!

  • Laurie

    I don’t think that I can pick a favorite story as they are all entertaining! I do love the Duke of Netherby. Looking forward to more books!

  • June Hart

    I am so pleased the stories about these intriguing characters will continue, looking forward to reading them.

    • Bonnie Atkins

      This series is possibly my favorite, though I was very fond of the Survivor series too. I am anxious for each book to come out.

  • Linda Gunningham

    I can’t pick a favourite, in spite of that being your request, but just finished Someone To Remember about two hours ago and really enjoyed it. It’s good to be reminded that while there’s life there’s hope, and love as well. Fifty-six is now sounding fairly young to me, but it’s good to know that romance can come at any age.

  • Anne Marie Wang Sivertsen

    It’s very hard to choose as I love every single one of the Westcott serie. But I think no 1 must be the one with all the feelings of betrayal in the family who lost everything, money and reputation which was so important at that time.

  • Antonia Randazzo

    Exactly the energizing bunny series! And so thrilled that it will continue still! You’re characters are all so entertaining! I’ve reread book 1-4 during these days of quarantine and have added the rest of the series, am up to date …and patiently waiting for more. I love all your characters. Anna Snow and Avery’s story is far best my favorite in the series. Abigail and Gil come in on a tie with Alexander and Wren. The Bewcastle series was the beginning for me and am so glad I’m hooked! Thank you for all of your lovely series, each shining brightly on their own!

  • Donna England

    I’m so glad to hear there will be lots more books in this series!

  • Helen Kominek

    I am glad that the Westcott river continues to flow with all the tributaries entering into it downstream – okay, really awful metaphor but that seems to be how it is working. I love all of the books so far, and it is hard to pick a favourite. Anna Snow’s story is probably it and Matilda’s is a close second.

  • Annette N

    I fell in love with Avery when he fell in love with Anna. He is so much more than he appears. That book made me impatient for each of the following stories.

    Now, I want to tell you, I am older than dirt. So, the only thing I beg is that you write all these books before I am no longer here.

    You have provided me hours and hours of reading – your many series have given me joy. For that matter, I have most of your singles too. So, I thank you for the idea that these Westcotts are just too much of everything to abandon them in mid history.

    Thank you.

    • Apryl C. Flint

      Someone To Remember is my favorite book in the series so far because this shows its never too late to reconnect with love. Matilda is in her late 50s when she reconnects with the only man she ever loved and she never stopped. You know those must be some strong feelings for one to have 36yrs after the first blush of youth is gone. I feel as though this particular book gives hope to those who may have let love pass them by due to unforseen circumstances or those who have yet to find love that love has no time limit. One can find love as young as 18yrs old or as old as 76yrs old, just don’t give up on finding or recconecting with love again.

  • Z. Kimmel

    My favorite Wescott story is the first. Who doesn’t love seeing a Duke knocked down by the love bug completely unexpectedly? Thank you for all your stories. My all time favorite book of yours Slightly Dangerous and I read it whenever I need a pick me up. I discovered your books quite by accident in a Goodwill while traveling and I have become addicted to Historical Romance. But no one writes like you. Looking forward to all your new books.

    • Elizabeth Heffern

      I was introduced to your writing by my amazing high school drama teacher, who has become a second mother and grandmother to my children. If I were to win, I would ask that the book be signed for her, rather than myself. She highly anticipates each new novel, and each novel newly available in eBook format of your books.

  • Trish Solf

    I don’t know that I can choose just one favorite. I do know that I love the entire series and am looking forward to the next book. Now I can also anticipate even more of the characters stories.

    • Hillary M.

      I can’t pick a favorite. Every time I think I have just read my new favorite the next one comes out! During this terrible time of quarantine, I have reread almost all of the series and enjoyed the time spent with my “old friends.”. Thank you.

  • Annette Chase

    I have read the survivor series several times. I have read or listened to the Wescott series twice. I love a series that continues to develop characters as they go along. Sometimes there are characters that I don’t appreciate until their circumstances change and they develop into a better version of themselves. The Wescott series did that to several characters. This is the mark of an exceptional writer. I have never been bored reading your books.

  • Sally Sweet

    If the Westcott family is an Energizer Bunny personified, then we readers are the batteries! I am always ready to pick up their story, and read straight through to the end of each installment of the saga. Thank you!

  • Sandra Eubanks

    I have enjoyed your books so much, The Survivors Club was my very favorite and now I am so enjoying The Westcotts! Funny, when I purchased Someone to Love, I couldn’t get into it! But there it sat on the shelf, and really needed to be read! Now it is my favorite of the series! But, I enjoy them all so much! Thanks Mary for all the reading enjoyment!!❤

  • Liz Castillo

    I am really enjoying this series and I am excited by the prospect of more stories to come.

  • Katy Stewart

    I, too, think my favorite book of yours is the one I’m reading right that minute and it’s always too long between books! But thank you for continuing to write this series. I love you’re considering writing Edwin Goddard’s story – his character has intrigued me from the beginning, plus we might get to see more of Avery – my most favorite character!

  • Helen Thomas

    Ooh, this all sounds great! I would definitely love a Winifred story, and the Lamarr twins too. I think if I had to pick a favourite it would be either Camille’s or Alexander & Wren. And I loved the Matilda novella.
    Looking forward to Jessica’s story in August

  • Peggy Minnich

    Mary, I am so excited to hear about these additional stories. Someone to Care is my favorite of the Westcott Series so far, so I would love to see Estelle and Bertrand get their own books. Winifred is also so much fun and it has been great to see her grow. Right now I have been reading most of your older re-releases while I anxiously await Jessica’s book.

  • Lydia Main

    I can’t pick a favorite Westcott novel as they all allow the people to grow and change. Someone to …. All very, very good.

  • Abigail Cutajar

    I still need to read several Westcott books. I usually am up-to-date but I resumed my studies and I had to put leisure reading to the side. However, I have never come across a book of yours that I didn’t like. So please keep listening to the characters. The more the merrier 😁

  • Christine Brass

    They are all so good, it’s hard to pick just one. If I have to choose, it would be Someone to Remember. A second chance at love story is something I can’t resist.

    • Nikki H.

      Asking me to name my favorite Westcott novel is like asking me to name a favorite child, I just can’t do it! Every book has drawn me into the story, and played across the screen of my mind, thanks to the superb writing and clever plotting. I will continue to devour any and all Westcott stories presented to me in one sitting, so write whatever the spirit moves you to, and I’ll be there with bells on! Thank you for all of your hard work, Mary, it is greatly appreciated!

  • Susan J.

    It is hard to choose a book from the Westcott series. All the characters have their own identity, but all believe and come together as a family during a crisis. Someone to Wed, Wren’s and Alexander’s story, really showed that.

  • Miriam Bresticker

    I’ve enjoyed the whole series so far, hard to pick a favorite although there are a few I prefer over others.

  • Aparna

    OMG!!! I don’t want the series to end. I love every book of the series so far and I have read them all at least 3 times each. My favourite book of yours will always be Longing. It’s the best book I have ever read (in fiction). But if I have to choose one in Westcott series, it would be Some one to love. I love Anna. She is amazing and such a strong personality!

    • Sandra Hanley

      I love all but someone to remember is truly beautiful please let Edwin find his own happiness

  • Keicia

    I think it’s wonderfull the possibility of the Wescott series not ending with book 9. I totally agree that this other caracthers need their own stories told. They’ve got my attention too.
    My favorite book of Wescott is the first one Someone to Love because of the plot. I loved to see Anna’s and the family inner turmoil when her social status changed. That was a story that showed how false it was the assumption of class superiority, how hipocritical.

  • Miriam Bresticker

    I tried to leave my comment earlier, but I’m not sure it saved, as I can’t see it. I don’t really have a favorite, although I do prefer a few over the others. Looking forward to the next!

  • Iona Phipps

    The Wescott series would have to be my top favourite! I love a good family saga and discovering all of the links, as noted in the blog post and stories of other characters. I should love to read Louise’s story- she has always caught my eye.

    I think Alexander’s story, “Someone to Wed” would have to be my favourite, however, followed closely by Elizabeth’s in “Someone to Trust”. I loved the tenderness and the care which Alexander nurtured and fell in love with Wren and how she in turn fell in love with him too. He is a divine gentleman of a character and absolutely my type – just like my own husband!!

    Please keep on writing all these connecting stories! They are truly marvellous!

  • Mary T

    Although it is hard to choose, I believe my favorite book is the first one (SOMEONE TO LOVE) and my favorite character is Anna. You gave her such amazing dignity and grace which showed through in her first meeting with her new family, when they all learned the “truth” for the first time.

    I became a fan over ten years ago, when I stumbled across one of your books in the library. I don’t think I have every book you have done, but I have most of them. I love this series. I loved the Survivor series and the Huxtable series. But my favorite is still the first ones that I read – the Slightly and Simply series.

    I have been doing a lot of re-reading the last few months as the world news has gotten worse and worse. Your books figure prominently among my comfort reads. Thank you for so many hours of pleasure.

  • Trish McNeil

    This is the very best of news. Thank you so much.

  • Barbara Ezzell

    I always thought Eden and Lavinia were rushed for some reason. I am sorry for that because that would have been a great book!
    I love all of your books but in this series I liked Abigail’s and Matilda’s stories best. Please write all of those books you mentioned, or the series will be incomplete. Thanks for all your hard work. Your books are great!

  • Melanie Berry

    I would find it difficult to have to name a favorite Westcott book – loved Anna and Avery and then Camille and Joel and then Alexander and Wren… and so it goes…

    This is wonderful news but very surprising to hear that you don’t have every detail planned out in advance – especially in the Survivor series. I often go back to read that set and I find little nuggets here and there that are foreshadowing the stories that came after. At least I think I do!

  • Dorothy MacDougall

    I think I need to say my favourite is Someone to Love, Anna and Avery’s book. Aside from being a wonderful story in its own right, it is a fantastic lure for the rest of the series. Books for the twins, Winnifred, Louise, Adrian, and Edwin, I would love books for Mildred’s boys and the rest of the Cunningham children. You should really think about a 24 (or more)book series!

  • Betty Franklin

    Loved ‘Someone to Love’ because the series premise was just so fascinating – the bigamist whose family is disinherited after his secrets are discovered following his death.

    However, as a woman of ‘a certain age’ I have to say that I just adored ‘Someone to Care’ and ‘Someone to Remember’ which both told the stories of older women discovering love.

    Very hard to select a favorite, though – the entire series has been wonderful.

  • Kathleen Smith

    Yes, please do not limit the Westcott series to just 9 books. All the people you mentioned above mean something to your readers. Not only are they acquaintances, they in many instances are our friends. We want to know more about them. Each does not need his or her own book.

  • Judy Owen

    I have enjoyed all the Westcott series, and I don’t think that I can pick just one. However, I think the first one, with the delicious Avery and Anna, would be my first choice, setting the scene for future stories.

  • Fran Varella

    Someone to Care- definitely a big favorite! Walking away from the social constraints of a lifetime, to live with a happiness. Yes!! Viola & Marcel ‘s love story gave me a deep thrill. To me, this story breathed life into a dream that anyone at any age can find a deep powerful love. YES!

  • Norma

    Oh dear! How hard it is to choose. Today I think Mathilda’ s story might be my favorite. I’m so glad you’re continuing on! Your characters are well rounded and interesting so I will eagerly await their stories. I enjoy hearing bits about past characters as we go along. I’m waiting!

    • Benedicte Reiter

      I have loved the books in all your series. This latest with the Westcott family has really captured me and I look forward to more the the planned books. I ‘met’ you with the Huxtable and Mistress series and have read most of your other books.

  • Tracy Griffin

    Your blog made me laugh, with the characters demanding their own stories so the series continues. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to that!
    My favourite book is ‘Someone to Remember’, simply because Matilda’s story reflects my own, to some degree. Although I haven’t got my happy ending, I was so pleased that Matilda did. Just as opportunities for love exist past the age 25, love can live on through the years, in the hidden pockets of our daily life.
    Well done, and thankyou!

  • Tracy Griffin

    Your ‘Energiser Bunny’ blog made me laugh, with the characters all clamouring for their own stories – and rightly so! And like everyone else, I can’t wait to read them!
    My favourite book to date is ‘Someone to Remember’, Matilda and Charles’ story, because in some ways it reflects my own. While I have not got my happy ending, I was ever so pleased that Matilda got hers! Opportunities for love exist for those beyond 25 years, just as love – even unfulfilled – can remain with us over the course of our lives.
    Thankyou for sharing Matilda and Charles’ story and for giving them centre stage and a chance to shine. I will look forward to reading snippets about them in future books, in others’ stories.
    All the best.

  • Gloria Chmilar

    Hello Mary,
    I find it difficult to pick a favorite but it would have to be the first book, “Someone to Love”, as I love your character the Duke of Netherby, Avery Archer. Avery reminds me of Wulfric Bedwyn, the Duke of Bewcastle, who is one of my all time favorite characters. I will buy every book you write, Mary, and look forward to all the characters that pop up in your clever brain and are lovingly written to entertain us. Keep up the good reads and may God keep you and your loved ones safe!

  • Elizabeth

    I love the Wescott Series. Each character is so unique and I love the growth they have all made since “the great upset”. When I think about picking a favorite, which is really hard to do, I ask myself which story captured my attention and kept me vested the most. That story is Someone to Hold. You painted this world in Bath that made me so curious as to what life was like for the people living there, the people of both classes. My favorite scenes are when the characters are walking on the streets. We learn more about the characters and about the lovely city they live in.

  • Christine

    I really would like to read Winifred’s story. Mainly because I’m curious what kind of live you would give an adopted child during the 19th century.
    During lockdown I took the opportunity to re-read all of the Westcott books so far and my favourite is Someone to Love (closely followed by Someone to Wed).

    Greetings from Germany

  • Celina

    I have to agree with all the comments above. It is hard to choose just one.But, if I have to pick it would be the book that started the series. Someone To Love. Not just Anna’s story in this but also because of Avery’s. His piece of the story touched me so much. They overcame much and found each other

  • Kathleen Thompson

    I wait for each new story and can’t wait to begin! Thanks for what you do 🙂

  • Colleen Addison

    I love your books, Mary. They are so warm and happy. My current favourite is Someone to Remember. I really like the way you took a character who wasn’t really sympathetic in other books and made her into a real person. It was nice. Reminded me that we all have our stories. 🙂

  • MaryLu McFall

    Harry Westcott, in the first tale of the family is my favorite. Reading your books always make me smile, or tear up a little. But I know all will be well eventually. It’s the process that counts and the rough spots the characters must work their way through to the final end. Haven’t managed to read all your books yet, but I’m getting there. Thank you for your consistency. I always feel confident to recommend your books.

  • Michele

    I love the Westcott series. My favorites are Someone to Honor and Someone to Care. I am so happy to have some of the early books released in Kindle, too expensive in paperbacks at huge prices and questionable condition. I have most of your books in both formats. Keep on keeping on.

  • Marise Adams

    It’s very difficult to pick a favorite, but if I must, it would probably be Someone to Wed. I love the characters so much! Wren is someone who has suffered all her life because of what she is convinced is a disfigurement that would horrify anyone unfortunate enough to have to see her. And her hero is someone who sees the beauty within. His support of her is amazing. Her coming out of her protective shell is handled beautifully.

  • Eva D.

    Such wonderful news that the Westcott series will keep going! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think it would have to be Someone to Hold for me. I love that you dare to write heroines that are not always immediately likable. I loved Camille‘s development, Joel’s overcoming of his prejudices and dislike and the setting in Bath and the orphanage. And I love Winifred. I’m glad you are planning a book for her, too!

  • Julia Roper

    The Balogh Dukes (although the beyond arrogant Duke of Tresham pushes the boundary of masterful/sadistic; yes, he did work to improve, but ) are often my favorite character in a series. And the Westcott clan has one of my favorite Balogh Dukes as a stepson. Which, alas for “Mr. Archer”, means he doesn’t have the puppetmastery opportunities of his grace of Bewcastle (although Lady Jessica so far is as hard to deal with as any three Bedwyns.) But my favorite gentlemen among the Westcott extended family are Joel Cunningham, an artist in more than title; Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges; then the Duke of Netherby, with his gilding shining through the baby-drool; Harry Westcott, the quondam Earl and determined soldier; and at #1, the dear, beautiful, perfect gentleman who finds himself a nobleman, Alexander Westcott, present Earl of Riverdale. The Marquess almost made the cut, but his opposition isn’t as spectacularly awful as the now-dowager Lady Hodges; in fact, Bertrand and Estelle are so endearing that they might (yes!) extend the saga. Gil Bennington is splendid, so far, but he’s only in two books. With a dog and babies to show him off to best advantage.
    Among the ladies (with or without a Capital L), my favorite is Alexander’s sister, Elizabeth, now (spoiler alert) Lady Hodges. I know a character has got a life of its own when I rejoice to see babies on the family tree at the front of the book. Then, her sister-in-law, Wren Hayden Westcott, the Countess. The two of them have extraordinary courage and generosity; Wren’s story is so horrific and courageous that it seems temerity to think she could be a friend. Which Elizabeth could and is Viola Kingsley, the putative Countess, has a long term and endearing story arc as she allows herself to stop being the perfect Countess of Riverdale and future Dowager Countess and emerge from the disgrace she felt she brought upon herself (no good deed goes unpunished) to her new self as a person who has a life of her own that includes her own self respect and the love and respect of her old and new families. I do like Anna, and loved Someone to Love. Being a Duchess, her best qualities, however, get lost in the dazzle; she is now officially the finest, noblest, and most gracious in the land and there’s not a lot she can do about it. She does, at least, still have a sense of humor.
    Someone to Wed and Someone to Trust are my top two of the Westcott books.
    When extensions are being considered, I would like to put forth a pair of my favorite characters in the series, although they are a distinct disadvantage in plotting a romance novel. I’ve noticed nominations for the Dowager Duchess of Netherby and for Messrs. Boris, Peter, and Ivan Wayne. Can we have more of Lord and Lady Molenor? Still Mildred and Thomas and, maybe why their sons have Russian names? And have you ever considered creating a Duke of Balogh?

    Oh, and my favorite Balogh Duke is…
    George Crabbe, his grace of Stanbrook and founder of the Survivors’ Club.

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    I look forward to reading the stories and hearing about everyone.

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    I love all your series especially the Huxables, but my absolute favorite was The Devils Web.
    I’m a little hooked on Mary Balogh novels. The made Stay at Home a pleasure.

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    I have read the whole series (so far) and it is impossible to choose a favorite. I miss this whole family when I am not with them. Hahaha! However, I do have a special place in my heart for Avery. His lines make me literally laugh out loud. Thank you for your wonderful stories! You are a treasure.

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    Although I do have an tendency to really love the romances with the slightly oldermain couple as they have so much more to bring to the relationships.

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    The all family is lovely and each character has his own magic and charm. However, the stories that most touched me was Camille’s and Violet’s ones, for different reasons. Camille’s story has such a delightful calm rhythm and soul transformation that just took my breath away while reading page, after page. For other hand, reading Violet’s story, was like finally taking a deep breath. A feeling of a release of breaking all the suppressed feelings and taking the chance of living and being herself finally.
    Thank you for creating and writing these lovely stories. They are precious.

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    I know that you’ve gotten a lot of praise over the years and such but honestly, I want this series to last as long as your inspiration feeds it. I thank you for giving us something to look forward to, and on a more personal note, for bringing me and my Mom even closer. We don’t live near each other, she’s on the other side of the country. We now have weekly phone calls that we call our “book reviews” and your books are what started that for us. We will both be looking forward to your future books! Thank you, Mary!

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    My favourite scene in all your books is when the Duke of Bewcastle realizes his brother is still alive, and I will admit I’ve got a soft spot for Freya.

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    I have read through the first five in this series – the latest for me, Someone to Trust was pulled off the shelf at some point during this period of isolation. Sadly I have yet to acquire the next but will have to do that soon. It’s hard to say which would be a favorite as it tends to be the book in hand. If I truly had to choose, I did love seeing the oh arrogant Duke of Netherby fall for Anna Snow…
    Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I do love them.

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    I love that this series keeps expanding and more characters refuse to be ignored. You can continue indefinitely with this series as far as I am concerned. What started out as one dramatic revelation has created so many wonderful situations and delightfully varied characters I find it impossible to choose one favourite.
    Thank you for all your wonderful storytelling.

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    The book I loved most was Alexander’s. Wren is such a lovely woman!!!
    Thank you for your amazing stories!!!

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    My favourite is Someone to Love as it starts the saga. I have been saving the following books in the series until I owned all eight so I could binge read them all in order. Now I must wait until the others are written. Sigh! The only problem with this as I’ve just turned 78 and wonder how many more years I’ve got coming to wrap this up. LOL Perhaps I will start my binge soon just in case. No pressure Mary

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    I look forward to your upcoming stories.

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    Have three favorites: Someone to Remember, Someone to Love and Someone to Care.
    Loved the heroine in each one and their strengths.

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    Have a great weekend & go with God. 🌸

  • Joleen

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    • Kathryn Bennett

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  • Kristina Jokan

    Hi Mary,
    Being Hungarian myself it made me smile how you explain the pronunciation of your family name:-)
    I love your books and how you introduce entire families to the readers. My favourite series was the Bedwyns, and my favourite book was Simply Perfect, with Claudia Martin.
    Reading a book from you is getting away from reality, taking a trip to fantasy land, meeting people who are fallible and imperfect but who find happiness no matter what. Thank you for these hours of joy!

  • Kristin

    My favorite story is that of Viola and Marcel. I loved that they found each other again after 14 years when they first chose integrity. I love that they each had a second chance. I love that when they met again, they chose just each other for at least a few weeks, by then knowing what they needed and what was important in life. And I love that it happened after they both thought they were past the age of sharing that deep forever love with someone.
    In anticipation for SOMEONE TO ROMANCE this fall, I recently began re-reading the series. Today I’m starting SOMEONE TO HONOR, and as I reviewed the family tree chart at the beginning of the book, I wondered whose stories would continue to be told. After reading this blog entry, I’m so glad there’s a chance you’ll be sharing more to come! I hope along the way you’re inspired to write something for everyone in the family, however unrealistic that actually seems! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Harry, Louise, Winifred, Estelle and Bertrand… even Althea, perhaps.
    I enjoy reading your stories above all others and plan to enjoy many more! Thank you!

  • Amanda Graham

    So glad you are going to give Winifred a story. She is such a character, I am want to find out how she grows up, and what sort of special person would be right for her. Even of some of the characters you mention receive novelettes, that would be great.

    Thank you for all the hours of pleasure your books have given me.

  • Sam

    Every single book in the series is my favourite. Your talent in bringing your characters to life is brilliant. I wait with bated breath for your next releases.
    Also loved the Bedwyns, Simply series and the Mistress much so that I always buy the kindle and audible versions.

  • Jill McNamee

    I have been slooooowly reading Jessica’s story, not wishing to run through the last Westcott adventure quickly. Delighted to read Harry’s story will be told and that you are looking ahead to all the many other players within than special world. Your characters are so believable, their conversations credible…love all your work. So pleased it shows up in traditional book format for us fuddyduddies who enjoy holding a book! I read and re-read all your novels; the best of historical romance fiction in my opinion!

  • DeeDee

    I love all the Wescott Books, but I’m partial to the first one about Anastasia. Thought it was a great and clever start to a storyline and being a close family figured you’d have and easy go of picking members to tell their story. So it doesn’t surprise me that it will go beyond 8 books, in fact, I’m rather pleased to know it will. I’ll be looking forward to each and every new release.

  • Katherine

    I am very happy to have more Westcott books to look forward to. I am especially pleased that you are considering a story for Edwin Goddard. I have recently retired from higher education management and have worked many years herding academic cats as my daily routine. i should love to read a book about someone who makes his living in that same way.
    Many thanks for the pleasure your books have given to me and so many others.

  • Renee Moses

    I recently finished Someone to Romance. Which, of course, made me read Someone to Love all over again. The Westcott series is among my very favorites, and I see no reason to rush to end it as long as you enjoy the writing of them. I will happily read Harry’s story, and Winifred’s story and Mr Goddard’s story…and if you wanted to write a longer story about John the footman, I would happily read that as well.

    It was good to see a few scenes of Mildred’s boys in Someone to Romance. I have loved Mildred and Thomas from early in the first book, when he put his arm around her after she was confronted with her brother’s perfidy. Theirs has always seemed to be a loving and humorous relationship….Perhaps a future book could create an opportunity for one of them to confide a bit of their backstory.

    Your books have brought me so many happy hours of reading. Thank you for confusing to share your talent!

  • Jessica P

    I am so glad Jessica’s story wasn’t the last! I was wondering when Harry’s story would come out, and I am so glad it will be out sometime next year. I am absolutely in love with the whole series, and I think it’s great that you are already thinking of continuing the series after Harry’s book is out! I cannot wait to see what you come up with for those future books!

  • Lisa Rowntree

    I would find it difficult to pick a favourite as well, however, I’m in the middle of Jessica’s story and finding it almost impossible to put down.

  • Joan M Decker

    I’m pleased that you are considering continuing this series. My great concern was that Bertrand and Estelle may be separated by many miles when they marry. They have more than the fact that they are twins that makes them close.
    I’m looking forward to Winifred’s story. I think when she grows into her looks she’s going to be a very comely woman-not a raving beauty, but more than pretty.
    I’m also with the other blogger who mentioned the need for hurrying it along. I too am older than dust!
    Thank you for many hours of entertaining writing!

  • Mary S.

    I read in one of your interviews that you were thinking to include Bertrand Lamar and Winnifred Cunningham into one of your Ravenswood series books—please, please do not do that!! They deserve their own books in the Westcott series. It almost suggests a lure to bring your readers into having to read the Ravenswood series to find out something more about the lives of Bertrand and Winnifred. It would feel like a betrayal to your readers. And a printed (paperback) novel or novella please to complete my paperback series on my bookshelf—not just these e-books.
    And ignore any criticisms of the Westcott book on Matilda! Rah, rah, rah for the book on Matilda for we older readers of romantic fiction! Well done indeed.

  • Jenny Herring

    I am currently reading “Always Remember” and have realised that Viscount Watley (Bertrand Lamarr) has been transported over to the Ravenswood series. What a great way to combine the characters! I am now wondering if you have a stroy in mind for him and Stephanie Ware? Would it be a Westcott series novel or a Ravenswood novel?? An interesting thought. I can’t wait to see which way that goes! Thank you for your writing. After a day of teaching special needs studnets in high school, it helps me unwind and realx.

  • Germaine

    I don’t have a favorite book as I have loved each book of the Westcott family, I’ve just started Someone Perfect- Estelle’s story and I hope there will be more to come, we gave Bertrand, Winnifred and so May other characters that have sprung from each book that I have read and cherished.

  • Pamela Nielsen

    I have loved the Wescott series so much! Just as much as the Bedwyn series.

    Will you be writing Bertrand’s story? I absolutely love his character. I know you would make his story magnificent!

    Thank you for writing such happy and healing books. I get excited to go to bed to read them…and now my days are filled with them too! Simply the best!

  • Delisabel Rosario

    I think I am late to the party, but better late than never! I fell into your books by chance! As an avid reader, I have always looked for the classics instead of more contemporary until I found myself watching and then reading The Bridgeton series. All of the sudden I had a hunger for the regency era and I found “Slightly Married” and I couldn’t stopped getting to know the Bedwyn family. Nevertheless, this blog is about the Westcott novels. I have loved each character from Anna to Winifred. However, I simply bonded with Viola. Her story from the very beginning was something that I related to after going through a painful divorce and finding myself as a single mom. Viola tried very hard to pick up her pieces of her life while being a mother. Yet, she couldn’t just ignore the persona that she has become. However, she had the gumption to go against everything that she has believed and getaway with Marcel; which she had fallen in love when she was “married”. Needlessly, I could relate with Matilda right now in my life. I have rekindle a relationship with my first love after 35yrs. I am not saying that I have my happily-ever-after, but I am definitely open for it if it’s part of this new journey. I certainly would love to read more about Winnifred or even Bertram, but while you continue to explore more of those characters I will start getting to know the Ware Family in Ravenswood series!

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