Dear Mary

You are such an amazing author, and give the characters their own unique personality and with their own sense of identity and humor. Your talented work has brought me escape, solace and comfort when i wanted to momentarily forget the mass shootings news that is all too frequent in America. I saw the horrific tragedy in Saskatchewan so just wanted to drop a line of care and best wishes to you and your community . Please keep up your wonderful work. It has brought joy to so many people. REMEMBER LOVE is so good and cannot wait to read RAVENSWOOD 2.

The Simply, Slightly, Survivor’s Club and Westcott series are so good. It’s hard to say which child is a mother’s favorite but I just loved Secret Mistress. Edward Ailsbury, Earl of Heyward, is just such a great hero, a basic, simple, decent human being, who needs a tortured hero or reformed rake. He is such a gentlemen even without all that swashbuckling bravado. A Dry Old Stick is the best hero. Keep up your awesome work. Many thanks

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