There are so many things to love and enjoy in a Mary Balogh novel.

What is your fave plot? Who is your fave hero? Heroine?

And which sections have the clever writing that brings a chuckle of pure delight while you are reading it…….

I can quickly count 3
1) Simply Love, Simply Series #2
2) The Proposal, Survivor’s Club Series # 1
3) Someone to Wed, Westcott Series #3

Simply Love, Simply Series # 2

After reading, and loving the Slightly Series of the Bedwyn Family, there is already the background of what a wonderful couple Lady Hallmere, Marchioness of Hallmere, Lady Freyja Bedwyn, is perfectly matched with her husband, Joshua Moore, Marquis of Hallmere. In Chapter 7, the scene of dinner where Lady Rannulf’s wife was going to play Othello’s Desdemona and Lady MacBeth. Ms Balogh wrote that Lady Hallmere was ” very belligerent when everyone was trying to persuade her and her husband to sing a duet” , and her husband promptly said “no one is going to be allowed to bully his wife when he was there to protect her,” and of course, naturally, Lady Hallmere would react to this. What a great piece of writing, character development and story flow tie-in, cutting across continuously the Slightly Series, especially Book #3 Slightly Scandalous, Freyja and Joshua’s story, to the Simply Series.

And who cannot help but love Anne Jewell’s son, David Moore who kept on blurting out to people that his mother is pregnant.

Of course, the story between Anne Jewell and Sydnam Butler is one the best stories of two unfortunate people who had been dealt a very cruel hand by life, but both of them rose up to the occasion against adversity to become wonderful, purposeful, loving humans. How can one not have hope for better things to come after reading such an inspiring story. I love it!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share with you why there are so many things to love and delight in while reading fiction from Mary Balogh.

I will write more when I have time…..

and Please, Ms Mary Balogh, keep up your great work.
It brings so much joy and pleasure.
Thank you

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