Vicki Ward Duran


Dear Ms. Balogh:
Having followed your career for years. I have something I would like you to know. I love your stories. I’m addicted to your books. Your books take me away. The Survivor’s Club Series is my favorite. I have all of those books and more but started with them. The Proposal is the book that hooked me. It made me think even while enjoying a good read.
You have been an inspiration for me and to many, I’m sure. I’m finishing my efforts to obtain a literary agent and publisher for my book, A Night at the Columbus Opera House. It is a novel about the life of my co-collaborator’s past life regression into the Civil War. It features Tim’s fame, the trial of losing childhood friends, and eventually getting the HEA he dreamed of with the love of his life.
If I’m lucky enough to get an agent and/or publisher, because you’ve been such a positive influence for me, would it be okay to send you a review copy at that time?
Vicki Ward Duran

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