Toral Shah


You are my favorite historical romance writer. I try to get my hand on all the books you have written. I just finished reading Someone to honor and I loved it! But I am dreading to read your next Westcott book because of the hero! Charles Sawyer Is not a hero in my eyes. What he did to Gil’s mother was unforgivable and it seems your other characters and willing to look past it! Whatever he does good does not
Make up for what he did to Gil’s mom and he does not deserve forgiveness! I hope at least you do not let Gil forgive him because it would be disrespectful to his mom! There was no closer there. He could never make things right for her and only person who can forgive him is her and she is dead! He never suffered Much for his high handedness and he just expected Gil mom to bend to his wishes! He was a worst kind of scoundrel and Gils mom lost everything of value except for his son. It was her right to deny him his son! I hope his son does not give in just because of few kind words!

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