Theresa Soto


Dear Mary,
I came across your novels last summer when I first entered into the realm of romance after grad school. To say that your books are essential to understanding the human condition is an understatement. You have inspired me to find empathy for others through the stories of fiction. Your books have solidified the importance of character, building relationships, letting someone know you and see you. My reignited enthusiasm for reading has been due to your novels and has helped me inspire my students to read more and often. We have had many discussions around developing empathy for others as they read, just as I have found through the characters in your novels.

I’ve read many of your novels, each one bringing me and my hubby much delight. The Notorious Rake is my favorite. Edmund is despicable and wounded, so deserving of the love of a thoughtful, passionate woman. Loved the Survivors series. I also loved Only a Kiss, laughing out loud in many descriptions of the living situation. Each novel is so unique, I look forward to each journey. Thank you for sharing your gift of story with the world.

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