Susanne Pellicano


I have now read the first 5 books of The Westcott Series and am looking forward to number 6 & 7. Your stories are so lovely and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I have a disability that prohibits me from traveling far, so whenever I can find a good read, I am very pleased. I retired in March of 2018. My mother passed in 2008, although, she taught me when I was a little girl to read and this is a gift that allows me to travel all over the world while never even leaving home. I love reading stories that take me to far away places and have allowed me many adventures without traveling. The Gift of Reading is the most special gift that my mother has left me and I am so grateful for this. I “Thank you” for writing such interesting stories that combine the lives of many through the ages. I look forward to reading many more of your stories. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

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