Susan Bedford


I love your books Mary. I feel so lucky to have discovered them at my local library in Kenmore, and want to start buying my own copies so that I can read them again and again. I find them very healing, and they have helped me so much through recent stressful times in my life. You are one of the three wonderful Regency Romance writers I read.
Currently I have been reading “Someone to Honour”, and am just now re-reading the last part from Chapter 21 onwards. The Westcott family is like a wonderful stand in for my own, which has been unfortunately quite dysfunctional, and all the senior members of it who I was close to have now passed away. “Slightly Wicked” is also another favourite book, and I love the early scenes with “Claire Campbell” giving a rendition of the great parts for women in Shakespeare’s plays. It has reignited my early love for great literature of the past, and for acting, and drama. This book, and also “A Secret Affair” have given me my favourite romantic moment of a very attractive man on a horse telling the heroine to “put your foot on my boot” so that he lift her up onto the horse with him. Ah, be still my beating heart! After all I am only 73, I will just have to make arrangements to have some horse riding lessons.

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