Steve Ronen


Mary, I, like you, am very well educated. Twenty three years of Catholic schools. I can’t stop reading-anything and everything-jar labels when nothing else is available.
I discovered Regency romance novels about five years ago and you about three. Sadly, I am going blind so while I can, I wanted to tell you I have read several hundred romance novels and your prose is the most exquisite I have ever enjoyed.
I will be going to Barnes and Noble this week to pick up an armful of your books to experience and love before the lights go out.
I’m 81 years old and a child of the war as well. Not the horrendous terror and destruction, but the ration books and shortages. They are still with me in my behavior every day. I still see my mom mixing orange powder into lard or olio margarine to make it look like butter. Still haunts me. I guess there’s some Develin in each of us.

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