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Hi Mary,
I am in the process of re-doing my current website, done at a time when I was a different person. A different writer. I had just retired and was going to Ireland, specifically to research the area I had chosen as a setting for my first attempt at a self-published book, “Mulligan’s Dream”. My biggest mistake was my ignorance of the writing process, the need for professional editing, and also the need to have a website that really worked. I suppose my site worked for a while, but being extremely introverted, and gifted with ADHD, (a latent discovery), I had no clue how to go about anything.
Fast forward eight years, and my writing style has changed considerably. I no longer write contemporary, having found my love of historical novels first by reading your books and those of Stephanie Laurens and the like, and also by the topic of my fourth book, “A Winter Sky”. The heroine of that book is psychic, and falls into a past life, set at Ballycarbery Castle at Bosses Point, County Kerry. I knew I had to visit in order to write this series as each story uses Ballycarbery Castle in some way!
My retirement trip was a godsend, helped by a friend’s ex-husband who had moved back to Kerry after their divorce. Thanks to his knowledge of the area, I spent nearly three very productive weeks between Kerry and Cork, holidaying and researching. Once I began writing A Winter Sky, it was clear I was nearly done with this contemporary series, five books in all under the main title, “The O’Farrell Legacy”. Enter the Regency Era, and a brand new start.
I’m now beginning a new chapter of my own life. At nearly seventy, I am settled quite nicely into an era that I must have lived and enjoyed, though probably as a middle class worker rather than of the peerage. However, I find that writing about the peerage has taught me a lot, as there is no end to the amount of research one can do! And now I’m a member of the Regency Fiction Writers, a group that between the lot of them, know almost all there is to know about that time period.
You have been a great mentor to me, even if you don’t know me, other than a name on your Facebook page that loves all your entries and memes. I like the simplicity of your website and will show it to my web designer so that he knows what I am looking for.
I also now have a professional editor and cringe when I think about those first five books and how badly they needed her touch, but alas, never got it. Jayne Barnard has been the best addition to my writing life ever!
Thank you for being such a generous person, gifting us with your books, so beautifully written. You are an inspiration to us other writers who, while we struggle to live up to your example, continue to read, and re-read, all your stories.
Thank you so much!
Sonia Gay

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