sharon smolar


I have only written one other fan letter in my entire life – despite being a lifelong lover of books. My love for Regency is about five years, and I discover your survivors’ books about then. I just came across your most recent two Something books and was quite enchanted by both of them – enough to decide to go back to the beginning and reread those I have already read. I think I was most impressed by Something Perfect. i found something different and unique in the back story of your hero Justin, the Lord of Brandon than I have found in many (if any) of the Regencies I have read. I am not a crier, but I sniffled though much of the last quarter of the book. Brava to you. After all these years, to still be able to create original plots and original character in quite admirable.

Like you, i was a high school English teacher, and later an attorney. I have written – but never professionally, and as much as I would love to try Regency, i do not seem to have the creative spark to come up with an original plot or original hero or heroine.

Cannot wait for your book about Estelle’s twin. I am certain it will come soon.

I looked you up on Wikipedia and know that you have won multiple awards. What I cannot understand is how you have not won what used to be called the Rita. You certainly have deserved it. And, of course, still do.

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