Shai Amin


Mary Balogh, While I have read practically all your books I have been able to get my hands on, for some reason, I keep returning to “Unforgiven,” When I first read it, I was much younger, and I was unable to understand the constant tension and friction both Kenneth and Moira had in their relationship. Even after they got married and were thinking about making their marriage work, I didn’t understand the friction. I finished reading at the time and I went back again to read it once more, I still didn’t get it. But I absolutely loved the trope of childhood loves/friends having some misunderstanding and reuniting. Plus your masterful writing and deep exploration of hurt emotions and conflict kept me coming back to this book. I finally understand where that underlying tension and friction was from, when I read it again as I just turned 25. I guess I’m old enough to understand why they were constantly fighting and that underneath that constant conflict, was love. They both loved each other and had probably never stopped. It transformed the entire way I looked at that book and those characters because while I logically understood their feelings and actions, It finally clicked for me emotionally where their actions were coming from. They were all coming from their love for each other, whether it was the resentment, the hatred, the constant fighting, it was all because they cared for each other and simply had too much pride and fear of possible hurt feelings to express that love to each other openly. It took me years to understand that undercurrent of love, but now I do and I adore that book even more. After rambling away like this, all I want to say is, please KEEP writing! Your books give me joy and solace. I keep coming back to them over and over again. I deeply admire your characterizations. And I want you to know that your books make a difference. There have been countless times where they have given me some bit of wisdom that I have not gleaned before. So, I’m going to selfishly ask you to keep writing. And I can’t wait for Abby’s book in the westcott series. And would sincerely implore you to write Winifred’s book. She is such an endearing and precious child! I would love to read about her as an adult.

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