Sanghmitra Singh


Did you know that you have fans as far as India ? I love how lead us to a plot that is interesting and well developed ,to the buildup of the main characters , how the sizzling chemistry flows between the Hero and Heroine , there is sex which is hot yet not too in your face . I just read an old one yours which I think it is one of your best ‘ Longing ‘ you must have done a tremendous amount of research on the Rebecca movement , love the intensity ,the yearning and longing between Alex and Sian . Another book that is my favourite ‘ A secret affair “ and “ More than a mistress “ . The Bedwyn series is also on my list of retreads . Often when I read your books I need to hide in some corner of house and keep my phone on silent as I am so involved in the book that I hate being disturbed by family or calls from friends etc Thanks for many enjoyable hours

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