S. Ranu


Hi Mary. I have been an ardent admirer of your stories ever since I “discovered” you after reading my first book “The First Snowdrop”. I have since read ALL of your books. I hope to read many more in the years to come. I’d like to make two comments: I was sad the woman on the cover of “Someone to Remember” wasn’t wearing light blue, as I would expect Matilda Westcott to wear. It was a detail I remember most clearly from that book. A lovely detail at that. The second comment is a request actually. Since COVID 19 and lockdowns began in Canada (mid March), I’ve read almost everything you’ve written over again (I have every copy electronically and most paperbacks as well). I was hoping you would surprise everyone with a new book sooner than August. I will keep hoping.
Without sounding odd, you are my hero. You write about strong heroines and realistic conflicts that honour the Regency time period you write about. Thank you and stay safe.

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