Dear Mary. I have read every book you have in print and have just completed “Someone to Care” which reminds me somewhat of “The Escape.” I am originally from Jamaica,
the West Indies. One book that means a lot to me is “Longing” set in Wales. As a child in the backwoods of home, I learned about the “Eisteddfod” when it was introduced to our school by a very forward-looking Head Teacher. I grew up in the days when my country was still ruled by Britain and so I view myself as through and through British. Naturally, I am enthralled by everything Regency, but I love your turn of phrase and I often go back and re-read whole books just for the joy of it. I am a writer myself, but my genre is poetry. Please keep the books coming and if there are some out of print, you may want to have them released again. Thank you, Rose.

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