Rosanne Campbell


I picked up Only a Promise as it sounded like an interesting book when it came out. Well I was hooked, Since then I have read just about everything you have written. The characters, the stories, the beautiful countryside, and the history make the books come alive. My favorites are the Bedwyns and the Survivor Club. I have reread all the books several times. I was lucky enough to travel to England and amazingly to Swansea when I graduated from high school in ’73. My history teacher offered a trip to any students who wanted to go with him. Well I signed up. My teacher was a Rotarian and the previous year some businessmen and farmers from Swansea had visited. When they left the said “if you are ever in Swansea look us up”. My teacher did and it made a very memorable trip to spend time with the beautiful people and countryside. We also got to have a luncheon with the Rotary Club, toast the Queen, and visit with the members. It is to this day one of my favorite memories. Thanks for giving a “farm girl” from northeastern Colorado such wonderful stories to read!!

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