Robin Romack


I also read voraciously and a variety as well but who doesn’t love a good romance and I too prefer a period piece. I have just completed the ‘Slightly’ serious and to say I was Enormously pleased is quite an understatement. I listened to it while en route to a dreary job that at the moment is most profitable of my 4 and long to either teach again or find some other that is more rewarding.I have just discovered you and consider that an early Christmas gift!
I never laughed , shouted, wept, or just felt enveloped in so many emotions, thoughts, and bits of life sense that I wanted to write down to remember and couldn’t as I was driving or when a bit down balancing a phone in a scarf or hood while doing terrible unfulfilling off season work as no earphone that wks well at the moment. Haha. I also have integrated more of my always extensively vintage vocab into conversations using words I d read for years yet not said aloud. I envy you the lovely childhood as my dad died and lovely mom worked hard so not as much time. I ve also wanted to see more of the Isles since ready another series and this sealed the deal. Holiday greetings to your lovely family and my warmest regards and thanks.Robin.

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