Rhoda J Barnhouse


I’ve already noted that many of your fans started with your books from the same background that I did – Georgette Heyer. My paternal grandmother Christina {b. 1902, Aberdeen Scotland – immigrated as a ‘babe in arms’ thru Ellis Island, New York soon after} took note of my voracious reading esp. in the historical romance genre, by the time I was 14/15-ish & supplied me the first set of Heyer’s books. She encouraged me to not only read well-written authors, but to critique them for historical accuracies. As a young high-schooler in Los Angeles, in the 1960s, it was a guided intro to several disciplines. History, geography, politics, writing, genealogy & family dynamics. Thru many authors, I eventually found you – & I will be forever grateful. I have a near complete set of Heyers & now, an almost complete set to date of you..

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