Renee Moses


My pre-ordered copy of Someone to Remember downloaded this morning and I have just finished reading it. How glad I am that you chose to tell Matilda’s story! So many period books have the spinster aunt character, sometimes doling out sage advice, sometimes annoying all those around her with prunes and prisms, and sometimes still mourning The Great Live That Was Lost, but never with a current story of her own. FINALLY, one of them gets her own romance! And we even got to see a bit of Boris…I have been watching him steadily age on the family tree with each new Westcott publication, and was starting to wonder if we would ever properly meet Mildred’s boys. Honestly, if you wanted to continue writing stories for this family until the youngest child was grown, I would read them all. I know the current plan is to stop after Harry’s story but perhaps then Winifred will be grown, and who among us doesn’t want to know how SHE turned out? (I smile every time I think of Camille with seven children.). You do an amazing job of building worlds I like to visit, populated with people I’d like to know. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you have given me. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

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