Phyllis Piano


Mary: Thanks so much for wonderful novels. I have made a list of all of them and am trying to work my way through! I started in the middle with one of the Westcott series and finished those and am on the last of the Bedwyn saga and prequels. I can’t wait to learn Wulfric’s love story. You are such a brilliant writer and your characters are unforgettable. Thanks again for your fantastic storytelling, and all the best to you in your future writing. Phyllis Piano
Private note to Mary: Hi Mary, I am a bit of an author, too, but nothing like you–I am not in your league! When I was writing, I used the same discipline as you–early morning, write about 2,000 words, and finish a book in about four months. I’ve written two novels, published in 2016 and 2017. After co-authoring a non-fiction book in 2019 with a wonderful colleague, I needed to take a break. So, I started reading a lot to learn, to make myself a better author. Also, after a 30+ years in corporate communications before I retired, the book writing had became more of a job with the web site, promotions, events (pre-covid), and I really felt like I needed a break and wanted to READ again. I stumbled onto your books through BookBub, and I am so glad I did. Your storytelling and character development are first rate. I spent my whole career as a professional corporate writer and always wanted to write a novel, so I did. I will return to it at some point, but I know I will be a better writer after reading so many of your books….and so many more to come! Thanks for your talent, commitment and creativity. It is a true gift. All the best again, Phyllis Piano ( p.s. my husband is from Liverpool, and we have a place there (we hope to get back there later this year). We love Wales and visit often when we can….my best and first fish and chips and mushy peas was in Wales in Conwy. I feel I have a foot in both the U.S. and the U.K. as I have been going to the UK for 40 years. We have that in common as you must feel half Canadian and half Welsh….

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