Patty Stinson


Dear Mary, April 2003 I purchased your first book Slightly Married Aidan’s story. I so captivated by his story, the very best story I have read in years. I purchased all six books in mass paperback. I have read this series at least 8 times because I enjoyed them so much. These books have had so much wear I decided today to purchase the whole series again new. I ordered new the last five books to replace my old set. The only new one I cannot find is Aidan’s your first book. Can you please tell me where I can purchase a new Slightly Married book. Do you have a new one I can buy or a company I can buy it from. I would appreciate any help you could forward to me. I read a book a week and I have never read such a fantastic series and I am 79 years old. Sincerely PATTY

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