Patricia Charlton


Good afternoon Mary,
I am an avid reader of your books .. I have purchased and read the Huxtable Series (couldn’t put the books down; the plots were entralling); the Bedwyn Series with the strong characters, the Simply Quartet series and I am now reading the Survivors Club Series. In the Proposal I was touched by the relationship of Gwen and Hugo. In the Arrangement I was moved to tears with the loving relationship that grew between Sophie and Vincent. Vincent would be my favourite character. I am now reading The Escape which I believe was written after the Arrangement. I read all your series in order. Although I have not finished reading the Escape; it would seem that this storyline does not follow on from the Arrangement. In the opening pages of the
Escape where the survivor’s club has met for their yearly get-together Vincent is single; he hasn’t met and married Sophie. Can you clarify this for me?
In closing; thank you for the hours of enjoyment your wonderful and moving writing provides.
Kind regards,
Patricia Charlton

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