Nicole Tay


Hi! I recently started your Survivors series after being recommended Only Enchanting by a Booktuber. I hardly reach for historical romances but your characters intrigued me. I wanted to know what it is like to survive such traumatic events with physical and mental scars and be able to find love. I liked the idea of these characters forming a club to support each other. It seems so against the typical male behavior to express their feelings. But I am glad you made it okay with these books. This could be a possible solution to our modern day problems of PTSD and mental conditions. I always felt not normal struggling with a chronic skin condition and reading about characters like Vincent, Flavian, Ben and Ralph makes me feel understood and I can relate in some way to them. I appreciate that you were not afraid to make the heroines have physical flaws like Gwen’s limp and Agnes’ missing toe. I feel that most authors are so afraid that they do not see that real people have flaws and readers will appreciate it all the more in characters. I started with Only Enchanting, went back to the beginning with The Proposal, The Arrangement and am now starting the Escape. So far I like the Arrangement the best which surprised me. I enjoy reading about the time period too because it feels like an escape from the modern day. It is hard to picture that people in the past had to contend with talking face to face and snail mail when we are so used to our smart phones, laptops and instant gratification. It feels humbling to see the characters appreciate each other’s time and give their full attention. I am am excited to finish the series! I do want to ask if you would be doing a novella for Lauren, Gwen’s friend because her story sounds like something I would want to read. She has gone through such adversity to find her partner.

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