Mrina Deshpande


I was completely new to Romance novels infact i preferred darker themed graphic novels until i read “The Devils Web” a month back. This book changed lots of things for me and unbelievably i have been reading the same book multiple times now sometimes reading and re-reading the pages as if i can find some new meaning to the interactions and why the main character behaves in a certain way. I m fascinated by the hero of the novel and feel he is the most complex character i have ever read till now. I m curious about how the author pictured him in her mind and if there is a real life inspiration for this character. There is so much feeling involved and I find myself drawn to the world of the hero and the heroine of this book. I hope and pray there is a sequel to their story – something like where both of them fight against the whole world for their love. I cannot believe i have turned into such a romantic after reading this novel. Wonder what will happen if i read more ! Sigh! Also thank you so much Mary for writing this amazing novel. I cannot express my feelings enough when i tell you how your novel helped me get over a personal tragedy and made me to look forward to experience love all over again. Thank you.

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