Michelle Tapsell


Thank you for making it so easy to communicate with you via this guest book. I am in year three of reading your books, many of them for a second time, and I have loved every one of them. Having discovered you just before the beginning of the pandemic (The Survivors) was so very fortunate for me because your stories, characters, settings and history have been a blessing to me during these difficult, shut in years. I am 65 and I share all my books with an 82-year-old neighbor who is a shut in due to Covid and her own lessening mobility. She has read many of the books twice as well. Right at this moment I am reading Simply Magic and the relationship between Peter and Susanna (I’m only on page 60) is absolutely charming!! Oh, the dialogue!!!!!!! You are right up there in my top three authors of all time, alongside Maeve and Rosamunde!! And you know who I mean, LOL. Mary, thank you thank you thank you for giving me countless hours of pleasure, with so many more to come! Your books are a JOY to me!!! With my sincere appreciation, Michelle

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