Melissa Martin


I am a long, long, longtime fan. Slightly Married was my favorite of the Bedwyn Saga. Simply Perfect was simply perfect. At Last Comes Love from the Huxtable’s, The Arrangement from The Survivors’ Club, Someone to Romance of the Westcott Series are some of my favorites. Which does not mean I haven’t read and listened to each of these series multiple times.
Just finished Always Remember (3rd Ravenswood entry) and enjoyed it thoroughly. I got a pleasurable glow when I realized who Viscount Watley was…An old friend from the Westcott series. Nice touch. I liked how you shared the pain among the many family members and how Caleb Ware’s choices affected so many for so long. Glad that Ben and Jennifer (a polio victim) had the courage to let love have a chance. Keep up the good work.
Waiting with eager anticipation for your next project.

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