Melinda Loke


I am utterly captivated with your novels and I only discovered you, through a schoolmate of mine when we decided to meet up and spend visiting a mutual classmate in Connecticut, USA! My schoolmate name is Mary too. Mary Lim is also a fellow Malaysian, who has settled down in Brisbane, Queensland. She made a spur-of-the-moment to meet me in New York City JFK Airport, before we leave for Milford, Connecticut! I am so happy she recommended your novels to me. I’m a fan of Regency/Historical romance books/novels since Barbara Cartland books in my teens. Thank you Mary for writing awesome books. I’m hooked and even just completed writing out (yes writing with paper and pen) your book lists, in chronological and then matches the series. During my travels, I always hunt for second hand book stores or charity shops for out-of-print books and I’m very patient and conscientious in finding them! Keep them coming in Mary. Thank you for adding more pleasure reading. Cheers.

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