marta simonyi


Mrs. Balogh:
Will _”Always Remember”, Ben’s story, be published in Mass Market Paperback? I have the previous two books of the Ravenswood Family, as I have all your books–early Regencies and all the series. However, I collect them in Mass Market Paperback.
Lately, when notification comes about your upcoming book, it is always in hardcover or kindle, and
I anxiously wait to find out if we seniors will be able to get it in Mass Market version. Please let me know as soon as possible.
I have just reread “Remember Love” and am just beginning “Remember Me”. Can I assume that this series will continue with books for the rest of the siblings? Nicholas, Owen, Stephie?
Marta Simonyi
Your devoted reader

Is it possible to reach you through regular E-mail? I have difficulty finding this page when I would like to contact you.

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