Marilyn Suddaby


Regency books are my Linus blanket. Recently I have started re-reading the ones I’ve kept over the years. I think it shows how good an author is if you can read her books one after the other. Right now I am reading and enjoying the 20 or so I have of yours. I’m missing some in each series – I suppose the ones I read as library books. Today I looked you up on line, hoping to find some new ones, and am pleasantly surprised to see there are many I’ve missed! I think it’s time I thanked you for all the hours and days you’ve entertained me.

I was a little annoyed in the nineties when Regencies started to add sex scenes as they seemed too far a separation from what Georgette Heyer had done and not appropriate to the era. And they can get really boring. I heard that authors have to add so many per book whether they wanted to or not. I commend you for doing it well.

I’m a failed author. In the early nineties, I decided I could write one better than some on the market. I had written first draft of about 6 chapters before I spent a couple of weeks in London doing research and collecting books on the era. I spent money photocopying from microfilm. I came back to Canada and put it all on a shelf where it still stays. I thought I might be okay with dialogue but plot defeated me. I wish I had read your blog then. Maybe I would have kept trying. And maybe I should have given up on the historical events I wanted to include.

Thank you again for the worlds you create for our pleasure. I know how difficult it can be.

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