Marian Nour


I am wishing you Mary, your family, and my follow readers around the world happy, health and prosperous 2020 and beyond. I am really enjoying reading, and rereading the Westcott series, and I am extremely happy that you are thinking of writing about Estelle, Bertrand & Winifred, especially Winifred. I think it be awesome, and heart warming to read Winifred’s story. I will definitely buy some of it for friends I lost to social media, and don’t read books as much as they used. I think Winifred’s book will lure them back to books. I hope, hope and hope again Mary that you don’t use anywhere in Winifred’s book the word, (by-blow). I understand that it was the norm in the period your books are based on to call illegitimate children for hurtful names, and you use that word quite a lot probably to give emphasis, and/or illustrate a point of particular situation, but I truly came to hate that word as these stories shed unflattering light on poor or illegitimate children who find themselves in horrendous circumstances. I do not know what road your wonderfully creative brain will take to write Winifred’s story, and I am sure it is going to be amassing read. Please know that I am not trying to criticize or censure your writing in any way. I just wish that there are more books which promote women and children’s welfare, and who is better to do that than you? As Delicious as reading period books are, they most Valorous about total power men have over women. Thank you for always keeping some thing great to read or reread in my shelves. Marian

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