Margaret Nelson


I had never read a romance novel other than Georgette Heyer’s (being a bit of a literary snob!) until the advent of the Covid pandemic. But somehow I stumbled upon your wonderful work soon after we entered lockdown. Now I find myself re-reading your books, as an anodyne to the daily battering of events. I always know that I can find excellent characterization, writing, and plotting… and of course I know, as you have pointed out in interviews, that a romance novel must above all have a happy ending: something we all long for these days. It strikes me that your years of teaching must have been a strong influence on your plotting, and I especially appreciate how you have woven in the contemplation of a variety of disabilities very thoughtfully into some of your plots.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work, which has helped me survive these last two years and has kept me endlessly entertained!

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