Marcy Rice


Dear Mary, I discovered you in a second hand bookstore in Hawaii and have since read every one of your books I could get hold of. I reread your series over and over, they are like comfort food. I think I borrowed Someone to Love 3 times in one week- read, return, nope -not done, borrow, read,…. and it is on hold again. I too started my love of Regency romance with Georgette Heyer. I really like your life story and the fact that you have this international career from tiny Kipling SK. Both my husband and I grew up in Saskatchewan and still have lots of family there to visit. We then lived in Canmore for 38 years before retiring to BC on the Shuswap Lake.
I would love to tell you to keep writing nonstop but you have more than earned your retirement so it is great that your earlier books are being re-released. I look forward to this year’s releases. Many thanks for all the wonderful stories and best wishes to you and your family for a safe and healthy year ahead. Marcy

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