Marcia Solomon


Mary, I am Marcie in Charlotte, NC. After being diagnosed with a begnine brain tumor I had 30 sessions of radiation to stop it growing. One of the consequences was I couldn’t read for two years…when I used to read 3-4 books at a time. After diligently doing puzzles and building new brain pathways I was able to read again. In September of last year I was able to read hard copy. Having every book Mary has written I started with the heroes…Jocelyn, Wulfric, Edmund Waite,Hugo… not the heroines. I surprised myself.
I still have an issue with staying engaged and Mary’s books save me every time. I think I’ve read “A Matter of Class’ a dozen times. I’ve lost count of reading “My Precious Rogue”…the anthologies really make my heart smile.
I am aware that I am enjoying a miracle and at 81 I’m happy to do so. Many blessings to Mary Balogh and her continued genius. I hesitated to share this with you but you are such a blessing to my well being I’m taking a chance. Hugs to you and yours. Marcie…

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