Mags Cameron


Thank you so much Mary for literally hours of reading pleasure over the years. You have been there as a constant for me as life has its ups and downs and I have as many hard copies, electronic copies and audio versions of your books as I can afford. As a fellow Brit and a historian I love how accurately you convey the tone and vernacular of the period, especially your portrayal of British reserve. Like many other readers I love the Bedwyns but rather than the popular choice of Wulf, I have a real soft spot for Aiden. As for heroines – ‘Irresistible’ is my comfort read of choice. We’re off on our annual ‘three-generation holiday’ soon – to Wales – again. We’ll be in Pembrokeshire this time and I’m taking my copy of Simply Love to read as I watch my little granddaughters cavort on the beach. Thank you again Mary for all the happy endings.

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