Lynn Pollard


There are a number of posts naming a favourite (yes I’m English so the spelling is different!) character. I think that is because you do not write stock characters found in so many novels set in the Regency. So, may I put in a word for Wulfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle, as a candidate; surely one of the most repressed, socially awkward heroes ever. To create a character so unlikable on the surface and so endearing beneath without making him at all saccharin is quite an achievement.To read of him being dragged unwillingly to Mrs Derrick, while she is being dragged equally unwillingly to him kept me going through a knee operation and two subsequent wound infections. “Slightly Dangerous” has to be one of my best ‘good reads’.
What next for the Westcott books? Perhaps you can run a competition for the next Someone to…word, when you write the next in series after “Someone to Cherish”?

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