Lynn Pollard


This is by nature of a request.In the latest book you have introduced Bernard, the Marquess of Dorchester’s son, at an earlier chronological period than that at which we left him in the last Westcott book. I therefore sense his return at a future date, either as a main character in Stephanie’s story or one of the cast in Owen’s. If it is the former and there is a wedding then every Westcott character able to draw breath and stand upright will wish to attend.If so would a small up date be possible please? In particular, has Harry and Lydia’s family expanded? I do not ask about Winifred as I confidently expect her to appear somehow, somewhere in the Ravenswood books.
Thank you for your help through a number of health problems. A book is one of the best analgesics I know and no side effects other than neglected housekeeping!

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