Luna Kramer-Jamet


I stumbled into your book Someone to Hold last summer and read it in one day. The day after that, I borrowed the rest of the Westcott books at the library and devoured them. From then on, it was unavoidable that I would read every book you’ve written. I have fallen in love over and over again with your heroes and I have cried more than I wish to admit. A notable example would be when the Wilby grandparents died in Remember me. I have even started a book club with my French teacher where we read exclusively your books and those of Lisa Kleypas. In fact, though it may be a bit pathetic, you have created a bond between Miss Josie (the French teacher) and myself that I don’t have with some of my best friends. It says a lot about an author when she can make a middle aged lady with far too many pet cats and an overly bookish 15 year old cry together over the love story between Lauren and Kit from a Summer to Remember. Anyways, I want to thank you for all the wonderful hours I’ve spent ruining my eyesight over your novels.

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