Lucille Traas


Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Bedwyn series, I must point out that there is a historical error in the book “Slightly Tempted”. The Battle of Waterloo was not fought in Belgium, but in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Belgium did not become a country until 1830, when the southern provinces separated from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, which was ratified in 1839 by the Treaty of London. Brussels was the capital of the Netherlands until aforementioned separation. It is still the capital of Belgium, as well as the European capital.
The battle was fought between the French on the one hand and the 7th Coalition on the other on Sunday 18th June 1815 and resulted in the defeat of the French, although the Coalition also suffered tremendous losses.
Perhaps the country’s name should either be corrected in a reprint or mentioned in an addendum.

For the rest, as I said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your books.
I felt it necessary to point this out to you

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