Luci Riegel


Hello Mary, I just finished reading Someone To Trust and I loved it. Your stories always leave me feeling good. The characters are so real and I finish a book feeling like they are my family. I am hoping that Elizabeth and Colin’s story will continue in a future book. There is so much more I want to know about them. I am quite certain they will grow in love and have a happy marriage, but it would be interested in seeing how the relationship with his mother and sister Lady Elwood plays out. I’d also love a book on Lady Elwood and Sir Nelson. I would love them to have a happily ever after too. I can’t believe that there isn’t a kind, soft heart in there somewhere after she alerted Colin to his mothers plans. I can’t wait for Elizabeth and Colin to have children. Sorry, see what I mean? I can’t help but get invested in your characters and their lives. It is wonderful to pick up one of your books and be transported to a lovely world of love, romance and happy endings. Thank you for your beautiful stories!!

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