Lorrie Chapman


Hi Mary! I love your books – mostly the Bedwyn series, and the Simply series. The connections between the books just make it so much fun to read as it allows one to think this is a real family! Is there any possibility of your adding another series to the Bedwyn series, possibly with the next generation? These people are almost real to me and I want to know what happens next!
Do all the couples stay together?
What happens to the aunts and uncles before they die? Who do they leave their estates to?
What happens with the girls school in Bath? Which of the current teachers gets married and leaves the school?
When does Claudia really find out who her benefactor is?
I love the way Wulf so accepts his new in-laws (both men and women) that he goes to bat for them to get answers to their past and to protect them in the future! Awesome!
Please divine some more stories for these intriguing characters!
We are dying over here – wanting to know what happens next!
All the best from one of your fans!

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