Linda J Wall


Ms. Balogh: Your book, A MATTER OF CLASS was my 1st experience with Mary Balogh, and I was hooked. Thirty-eight plus books later, I await, none too patiently, for your next book to become available. My absolute favorite(to this point)is SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS. I enjoyed reading your Blog on how these two particular characters were created to suit. I love the way you integrate English words that are unfamiliar to me, and I have to resource my huge old English dictionary to fully learn the meaning of the word. My own love story was a miracle–when we met, I was 21 he was 43 and married–during our initial 4 hour conversation we fell in love. When he left, the air was literally taken from me,I followed, we flew into each others arms and kissed. It was fireworks, but he was married…I went on with my life, he with his. I dated, became engaged, became disengaged, 3 years later was engaged again, disengaged again and at age 32 had resigned myself to a life of being single without love or husband. Thirteen years after we met and had that kiss, he found me. He was divorced, she had left him for someone else. We became engaged & married within months, enjoyed a loving life together for 36 years. He was a veteran of WWII. He died 5 years ago at age 92. Our love and marriage was a miracle. MFW was the love of my life and I his. Many of your written passages of love and life bring tears to my eyes, as the words are what I know and feel, but you put them into words on paper. I thank you, Mary Belogh. I am grateful you were born. ljwall

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