Kerry Hyre


Hi, Ms. Balogh, love your books! So much depth. Each time I pick up one of your books I swear I am transported smack into the middle of the story. I feel so at one with the characters — the pain, laughter, loss and gains they go through. Sounds pretty strange but I often feel such a loss when I reach the end of each book. I know it’s pure fiction but you do have a way of making the stories hearthwrenchingly believable and I do appreaciate how you provide your readers access to the minds of both the male and female protagonists. As a woman, I often wonder what the males feel and how they think as they interract romantically with the females. Your books always provide both viewpoints. As I sit here writing in your Guest Book I recall the first time I was introduced to your books… late 1980s/early 1990s while I was living another life in another country. Although I have always been an avid reader, in recent years I abandoned my hobby for the cable tv movies and online viewings. It was not until watching Bridgerton almost a year ago that I thought of all those historical romance novels I enjoyed reading in my youth. And it was how my love affair with historical romance was rekindled. I have since purchased a number of historical novels by random authors — including you! After a lot of reading I found myself constantly returning to your novels and even going out of my way in search of all the historical novels you have written. Ms. Balogh, if only you could see my collection!!! I have a whole bookshelf dedicated to your novels. I treasure each and every one of them for their rich storylines and believable characters. I read the Westcott series several months ago and eagerly anticipate the lastest book in the series… Someone Perfect! Keep up the excellent work. You outshine all the other writers in my book. Your loyal reader, Kerry

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