Kelli Grisham


Ms. Balogh, I want to thank you for your beautiful books. They are so very delightful and entertaining.
I recently finished reading, “Slightly Dangerous”, the Duke of Bewcastle’s story. I was also thrilled to read each of the Bedwyn sibling stories in sequence. Has a movie (or two) been created for the Bedwyn siblings? How exciting that would be to see!
I am an African American woman wo has enjoyed everyone of your books I have had the opportunity to read. Your books are lively, intense and such fun that they are surely enjoyed by a diversity of enthusiasts.
One can only imagine how you come to weave each of your stories, and I am so very appreciative of your artistry. I will soon begin reading, “Simply Unforgettable”. I’m sure I am behind others in reading your more current work, but I am getting there. Thank you.
Sincerely, Kelli Grisham

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