Kathy Jenkinson


Mary, if I may be so familiar, I have always enjoyed your writing. I had pre-ordered Someone to Cherish and have just read it – twice! I thought you did a marvellous job of slowly and subtly revealing Lydia Tavernor’s personality and dilemma. Artfully done! And, having read the rest of the Westcott series, I was hoping Harry would have his own happily ever after. I don’t read many books a second time, but I have done so with a number of your books, often just to savour the writing. I enjoy how you craft the story and how you flesh out a character’s thoughts and feelings to the point where I think I know them personally. I must also tell you that Simply Love, the story of Anne and Sydnam, got me through COVID restrictions when I was feeling particularly depressed. If they could overcome so many obstacles, so can I!
I have just purchased Slightly Dangerous as I have read around Wulfric and Christine without ever knowing their stories except tangentially. Looking forward to it!
I, like many others, am amazed at how you manage to craft so many different personalities and varied stories. It is something beyond my abilities, but I will happily remain a willing audience.
All the best to you and yours!

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