Kathleen LeBlanc


Dear Mary, just a note of gratitude. I am recently retired (late April) and faced surgery in early June 2019 for a small cancer on my tongue — which meant cutting off a section of my tongue. All went well and the margins were clear — meaning no further surgery or treatments except to keep a watchful eye over the next two years. My speech is clear and my tongue (aside from some altered sensation) is as good as new. Needless to say, there has been a major emphasis on self-care and de-stressing my life over the past three months. For me part of that has been to read various books of yours and to be grateful each time for your characters, their tribulations, but always a loving spirit that triumphs. Your stories have always and continue to bring me such comfort. I thank you again and again in the “ethers” as I read them. And shall continue to on into the future for as long as you write them. As far as I know, I have every one and pre-order as soon as they come available. Many thanks from a grateful reader. Big hugs through the “ethers”, Kathleen LeBlanc

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