Kathleen Joyce


I love all your books. When I have a box full I donate to my local library for their book sale. They love my donations because they’re in such good condition. I especially love the Westcott series. Someone to Honor is my favorite.. I’ve already read it twice and I’m holding it back from the book sale because I will probably read it again. I loved the hero because he reminded me so much of my late husband who was always doing dangerous things like walking across the slippery roof in winter to clean the snow off, always chopping wood for our wood stove and coming in the house dripping blood because he hurt himself. Went to rattlesnake roundups in Texas and looking for alligators at Lake Okeeshobee in Florida. Drove me crazy but I wish he was still here. Looking forward to Mattilda’s and Gil’s father story. Truly your, Kat Joyce, Amsterdam, NY USA.

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