Kate Marshall


Dear Mary
I have just finished Someone to Love and as always found it a wonderful read. The characters were so engaging and I can hardly wait to read the next in the series. Have you decided whose story will be next and when do you anticipate it will be published? I found it really helpful to have the family tree at the start of the book to enable readers to work out all the familial connections. However I hope you do not mind me asking but is there not a typing error in relation to Marcel’s date of birth. In the family tree this is stated to be 1770 ans Viola’s date of birth is stated to be 1772. However as the late earl died in 1811 and Marcel was celebrating his 40th birthday around the time they became reacquainted this would have made it 1810 when they met. Also I seem to recall that Viola was slightly older than Marcel and as the action in Someone to Care takes place towards the end of 1813 should his date of birth not be shown as 1773 or 1774?
I have gradually been trying to read those of your older books that have been reissued in e book format. However there still seem to be a significant number that have not yet been published in this format. I am of course very keen to read these and wonder if you are aware whether or not these are likely to be published. I have managed to procure copies of the Slightly and Simply series in paperback but some of the others are quite hard to source. Many thanks for all the pleasure you have brought me and all your other fans.

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