Karen Scraga


Dear Mary, I first met you in a public library, so many, many years ago. Although I wish I could remember exactly when, I did not then keep records. About 2011 I began keeping a spreadsheet of authors, books read. Your books begin with A Certain Magic (Excel A53) and end with Web of Love (Excel A150). While I began a borrower, I’ve been for many years, especially since Kindle, a purchaser of your books, having over 41 in my Kindle library. I am a devoted re-reader. I just finished Someone to Remember which led me to re-read Someone to Honor. Eagerly I am awaiting August to receive my pre-ordered copy of Someone to Trust.

Today I am contacting you because I need to know if there is available a printable copy of the Westcott family tree. The extended family has gotten so large it is difficult to see the tree on an e-reader. In an e-reader, going back and forth from the novel to the tree is more difficult than flipping back to the front of a book. Although I never imagined myself as an electronic reader, being so is advantageous as retirees, we live in a very small home, no room for a large library. As much as I enjoy reading, my favorite leisure-time activity, I have no difficulty knowing the author I most enjoy reading: Mary Balogh. Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many through reading. Sincerely yours, Karen Lee Scraga, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, May 14, 2020, when I need to escape into 19th century England.

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