Karen Callaway


Dear Mary:
I just finished rereading the “Someone” series and reman delighted by it. For me, “Someone to Love” remains the best. There’s just something about that story… (I also was charmed by that short interlude with Anna and Avery right near the end of “Cherish.” (“My heart,” indeed.)

I know you have begun a new series—I just preordered it—but I hope there will be at least one more, maybe two, in the “Someone” series: Betrand, for sure. Then, perhaps Winifred, as she is 17 or 18 at the end of “Perfect.” Ending the series with her, an orphan, certainly would bring the series full circle. (The two of them paired could work: both are intellectually inclined. But I’m greedy: I’d rather have two more books. Also, I can’t be the only one who wants to know if Anna and Avery’s fifth child was “the spare.”

Best, Karen Callaway

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