Jonna Gilliam


I have to tell you, I have been a fan of your stories for years. They always have a way of touching my heart, and I always need a tissue or two by the time I am done reading. I am in awe of the way you make your characters so real and relatable. I also want to applaud you on your willingness to make your heroes and heroines older men and women. Starting with Viola and Marcel and with Matilda and Charles, it made me happy to read about older people able to find love again. As an older single woman, it makes my heart glad that you are willing to write about love for people my age. As much as I have enjoyed this series, I have to say the Bedwyn family series has to be my favorite, especially Wulfric and Christine’s story. I cannot read that book without crying a bucket of tears. It is so moving. You are by far at the top of my list of favorite writers, and I cannot wait to read more about the Westcott family and their extended members. Thank you so much for your work and creativity.

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